About Us

Company Overview

Mr. Lasith Kayakkal, an energetic, charismatic, arrogant figure bent on expanding the empire.
Defender, the best service provider, operates as a registered security and technology service operating in local, commercial, industrial, private and corporate businesses in Dubai.
We guarantee industry specific security research. Using the latest technologies to create and implement leading-edge security solutions makes us unique. Our clients receive customized property maintenance plans developed by a dedicated team of experts and fully trained to serve their every need.

Our sustainability capability, suite of in-house facilities management services, consulting, technology capabilities and workforce propel us among the best facilities management service providers in the UAE.

Director's Message

At Defender Security, we are a disciplined, growth-oriented, economic results-driven organization, but as we measure our ultimate success through the lens of financial performance, we have long recognized the fundamental importance of non-financial factors in the equation.

Thank you to all the crew who have provided vision and direction to make Defender a leader in global security.


Director - Lasith Kayakkal

Our Vision

  • Defender security services have been passionate about building safe environments and ensuring the assets of our customers and partners across a variety of industries in the United Arab Emirates.
  • We are still ready to keep the high level of professionalism and an acute understanding of commitment our team brings to each engagement.
  • We aim to achieve the most elevated norms of moral and ethical behaviour by promoting virtue and good governance.
  • We also endeavour to create our integration in the Emirates where we operate by understanding and observing local traditions and unwritten laws but also by encouraging professionalism by sharing experience and creating educational agendas.
  • Our added value in the international security companies’ industry geography is based on our approach: Defender’s goal is to offer mitigation services and strategies to avoid manage, control, or minimize the risks that may affect its client’s operation.
  • This is not the end line of our final destination, but a clear demonstration of our steadily adjusted journey growth with the focus on our quality and excellence.

Our Mission

  • It is the best international security services company in Dubai providing comprehensive and tailored services, logistics, and training to the hospitality and financial sectors, thriving as high net worth clients, tactful missions, international organizations operating in high risk, volatile, hostile, and challenging environments.
  • We also focus our business on continuous improvement of quality measures and reinvestment in business development in general in training.
  • Our advantage in the team is our local workforce, which is explicitly selected and practically qualified to our standards, allowing us to implement installations of security facility managers that accommodate our local expertise, customs, and awareness to best meet clients’ needs.
  • Ability to project and assist in crisis
  • The best and high-quality security service in Dubai at competitive prices
  • Since its establishment, our leaders have kept maintaining the best security services company in the UAE towards clear strategy, corporate governance, and sustainability.
  • The success of Defender’s security service lies in the selection of its personnel, members, and equipment, and in developing a long-term relationship with customers by providing high-quality security services that are appropriate to their requirements and budget.

Our Clients