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Security Guard Agency
Our Features

Our Ultimate Focus

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Defender, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a core component of our company, and we recognize that a responsible business is a sustainable business, from employee benefit programs to energy conservation. CSR is about integrating social, environmental, and economic concerns into Defender's decision-making structures and processes.

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team works through a culture of quality and continuous improvement to deliver customized solutions to the communities in which we operate. Individual development, technology, and business improvement are essential components of our security service delivery and operational excellence.

Reliability, Sensitivity, and Responsiveness

We are always ready for our customers and they can expect us to honor our commitments. If a problem arises, it will get the attention it deserves. We are proud to serve our customers and work hard to earn and keep the services we do.

Process Process

Round The Clock Supervision

We provide customers with an exceptional experience 24/7 to 365 days. Our security service points communicate and respond quickly and accurately, and are aware of all our operations and services.

Complete Security Consultants

Our security consulting team consists of dedicated consultants who provide professional and independent assistance, impartial security advice, and designs based on the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for our clients. As part of the best security guard company in Dubai, our team is trusted in the market because we do not share alliances with any security agents or manufacturers that may influence the recommendations made to clients.

A Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to excellence, passion, innovation, and value building for our customers and employees. As we reflect on our vision, values, and guiding principles, we always remember that serving our customers with superior results will be our primary goal and constitute the elements of continued success.


Our Services

All of our security guards at Defender Security Services are carefully selected based on their level of professionalism, behaviour, competence, and skills.


Why Choose Us

  • Trained and Background Verified Staffs

    Defender Security personnel in Dubai are all skilled and certified, having come from the security or ex-military sectors.

  • Dedicated Services

    Defender Security's mission is to provide customers with an exceptional and Best Security experience. Our security service is a single point of contact for all of our operations and services, and it responds quickly and accurately.

  • Highest Employee Retention Rate

    Employee welfare is one of our core values, and we maintain a core group of skilled, talented, and motivated employees as a result of this focus.


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Defender Security Service is a company that defines modern security practices. Distinguished management strategies and high-efficiency standards.