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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR) is an extremely significant aspect of Defender, and we believe that a sustainable business incorporates employee benefit programs and energy conservation. CSR is a combination of social, environmental, and economic factors that influence Defender's decision-making processes. The Defender Group is highly involved in the local community and sponsors, operates, and participates in activities to enhance the well-being and health of its workforce.

Customized Solutions

In order to provide customized solutions for our industry segments, our dedicated employees work within a culture of quality and continuous progress. Performing well as an event security company in Dubai and achieving operational excellence requires individual development, technological improvement, and enterprise development.

Reliability Event Security Experts

Defender, The Event Security Experts are ready to serve our customers, and they can count on us to deliver on our promises. If a problem occurs, we will address it as soon as possible. We are honored to serve our customers and we strive to obtain and maintain our Event Security Expert status.

Process Process

Round The Clock Supervision

We deliver a great customer experience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our guard points communicate and respond quickly and accurately, and are aware of all our operations and event protection. As security guards, we protect people, facilities, commercial property, and other valuables.

Experienced Security Consultants

Events Security Dubai's consulting team consists of experienced and independent consultants, who provide unbiased recommendations for corporate event security, and develop strategies based on the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our security guards provide top-of-the-line event security in Dubai. Hire us now for your event security needs.

A Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to providing excellence, enthusiasm, innovation, and value creation to both customers and employees. As we adhere to our vision, values, and guiding principles, we remain committed to delivering the most effective results for our clients so that we may keep winning. Defender Security provides event security services in Dubai, including event patrol officers, event guards, security guards, and crowd control officers.


Our Services

All of our security guards at Defender Security Services are carefully selected based on their level of professionalism, behaviour, competence, and skills.


Why Choose Us

  • Trained and Background Verified Staffs

    We provide our clients with the best security and guarding services available on the market thanks to the expertise of our experienced and talented staff.

  • Dedicated Services

    As part of Defender Security's mission, we provide excellent security services to our customers. We offer a skilled event security service that serves as a single point of contact for all of our operations, responding quickly and perfectly. Our executive staff has extensive experience in event security, and this knowledge helps them to better understand each client's need for a safe environment to work or live in.

  • Highest Employee Retention Rate

    Defender Group takes immense satisfaction in providing a wide range of security, safety, and related services because employee welfare is one of our main beliefs. Defender Group maintains a core group of skilled, qualified, and motivated employees. You can count on Defender to provide a premium service, whether you need a security guard or a solution.


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Defender Security Service is a company that defines modern security practices. Distinguished management strategies and high-efficiency standards.