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Safeguarding the Stars: A Celebrity Testimonial from Sthree Shakthi Awards 2024

Nyla Usha With Defender Security

I was fortunate enough to avail the VIP Security Service provided by Defender Group during the Sthree Shakthi Awards 2024 event, and to say the least, it exceeded all my expectations. As someone who is constantly in the public eye, security is not just necessary but a top priority for me. Under the guidance of Mr. Lasith Kayakkal, Defender Group provided impeccable security services that met every aspect of our security needs. The security personnel were not only vigilant but also courteous, blending in seamlessly with the event’s ambiance without causing any disruption. Their attention to detail and proactive approach reassured me and my team throughout the event, allowing us to focus entirely on our part without worrying about safety concerns. The professionalism exhibited by the security personnel was commendable, and I highly recommend Defender Group’s security services.

What I liked about Defender Group was how they took the time to understand our security needs. They planned every detail of our security carefully and paid attention to the challenges of the event and what we wanted. This made us feel safe and valued as their clients. Additionally, their team was efficient and responsive from the first meeting to the end of the security plan. They always communicated clearly and were flexible to change things if needed, to make sure we were happy.




As someone who has already had the pleasure of working with Defender Group, I am confident that their expertise and reliability will continue to provide top-notch security solutions in the future. Their commitment to safety and client comfort ensures that their services will remain a trusted choice for anyone in need of professional security services. I wholeheartedly recommend Defender Group to anyone looking for exceptional service and peace of mind. I am excited to see how they will contribute to the success of future events.







Nyla Usha Gopakumar

Indian Actress, Television Host, and Radio Jockey