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Our Security Division is a group of highly motivated employees who are all qualified ex-military or qualified personnel. Our security guards wear uniforms and act toward the ruins by maintaining adequate visibility to prevent illegal and inappropriate actions, and monitoring (either directly, via patrols, or through monitoring of the alarm system or CCTV cameras) for signs of crime, fire or chaos. Speak and report any incidents to the customer and emergency services as appropriate.

General Security
CCTV Security Operators
school security
hospital security
event security
pub security
VIP security
party security
Exhibition security
We would love to hear from you, all our valued customers to give a review of our past and present work so that we can learn, develop and improve ourselves.
We are one of the best security services in Dubai, with years of experience. We are spreading our wings with more security guards deployed in Dubai. We have worked with almost all important companies and integrated expertise to provide the best and most secure security services to our clients.
Our work starts from the time of your inquiry, when our security supervisor contacts you and tries to understand the site requirements. We go to the site and do a comprehensive survey of site entry and exit, total vulnerabilities, parking, vehicle entry and exit. We meet with safety officers if it is a construction site. We create an image of the whole site and make a layout of the site with the number of custodians deployed as per the requirements of the site.