VIP security and bodyguard services

Defender Security Services is responsible for protecting you. We guarantee VIPs the best security and bodyguard services. We will safeguard political leaders such as ministers and councilors.

We provide top VIP security services in Dubai for movie stars and celebrities. The most important reason for the security service is that you will feel safe while working, traveling, and spending time privately. You can
have peace of mind.

We provide the best bodyguard services to company officials such as the CEO, Directors, General Managers, and other high-profile individuals.

Defenders’ top Security Services in the Dubai protect the privileged guests of our company and other Corporates. We have highly trained staff with us and always maintain our security service standards.

We provide the best bodyguard services all over the Dubai.

Our service includes

  • Driver bodyguard and a close protection officer
  • Provide support such as electronic bug detection, counter-sniper monitoring, pre-searching facilities and IED detection.
  • Protection of client at high risk of assassination
  • Provide escort to the celebrity who is being stalked by aggressive photographers.
  • Examine a premises or venue before the clients arrive

We will make you comfortable with us